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What does soda have to do with your carpet?


Ahhh, the fresh sip of carbonated soda. The fizz and bubble- there’s no drink quite the same as a fresh soda. So besides the fact that at Chem-Dry we love both soda and carpet, what else do the two things have in common?

side by side picture of soda spilled on carpet with a thumbs down next to a carpet cleaning machine pulling pollutants bacteria soap allergens dirt mold and dust mites out of carpet in Little Rock aR

Well for starters, the way we clean is almost like cleaning with soda! Maybe not quite the same...we definitely don’t recommend pouring soda pop onto your carpet.

But, we do recommend The Natural carpet cleaner that harnesses the power of carbonation! Much like your typical club soda carbonation, The Natural has many microscopic bubbles. 

By sending millions, yes millions of tiny effervescent bubbles into your carpet fibers we can loosen dirt, grime, and all the nasty stuff that gets trapped beneath the surface.

Because carbonation is so powerful as a cleaning agent, we don’t have to rely on loads of water and sticky chemicals like other carpet and upholstery cleaners do. In fact we use 80% LESS water at Chem-Dry!

Still unsure how cleaning with carbonation really works?

Sit back and sip a soda while watching the video below: