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How To Make Your Living Room Look Bigger in Little Rock AR

  1. Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Add depth to your room by adding mirrors. Try a tasteful large mirror above the sofa, furniture, or fireplace. The reflection will give the illusion of an extended wall and a larger room.

circle mirror hanging in living room in Little Rock AR

  1. Light and bright color schemes

Open up the room with light colored walls- cream yellow, eggshell white, or even baby pink! Purchase pant that has a high-gloss or semi-gloss instead of a flat matte finish. Dark colored walls minimize the visual size of a room. Light colors do the opposite.

light colored paint and living room decor in Little Rock AR

  1. Sofa styles matter

Choose sofas, and other furniture, that are lifted off the floor. Pick pieces with tall legs to give the illusion of more space. When you are able to see 'through' the legs, the room looks bigger.

furniture with tall legs in Little Rock ar

  1. Lights camera action!

A hip teen knows the value of good lighting when it comes to selfies- homes are no different! Lighting in a room can make a break the feeling of the room. If you have natural light, LET IT IN! Push back the curtains with a stylish hook or tie. If you don't have many windows, purchase cute light fixtures or lamps.

You can include light in your room in unconventional ways. A salt lamp can be a cool source of light on a bookshelf or a stylish jar/vase full of string lights.

interior design with furniture with lifted legs in Little Rock AR

  1. Cleanup cleanse

Clutter takes up space. The less stuff you have in your living room, the bigger your living room looks. Cleanse your living room with regular clean outs. You could even host a garage sell and makes some extra cash off the things you never use anymore.

garage sale sign in Little Rock AR

  1. Bring in the vacuum

It might sound silly, but a freshly vacuumed room looks bigger! Little things on your carpet break up the length of the floor. If you have a carpet stain, it could have the same effect. A quick call to Chem-Dry Action (501)851-6666 and you can have the carpet stain removed in no time. A clean carpet is sure to make a room look bigger, and not to mention, tidier too!

vacuuming carpet and confetti pieces in Little Rock AR