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5 Surprising Facts About Carpets


Carpets and rugs have been around for a long time, meaning they have a long and interesting history! Here are 5 surprising facts you might not have known about carpets! 

kid sitting on rug in Little Rock AR1. The oldest carpet ever, was found in a tomb and dates back over 6,000 years. The first carpets were called "knotted pile carpets" and it's speculated that they originated in the area around the Caspian Sea and in Northern Iran. 

2. Rugs and Carpets use to be made by hand! For knotted rugs the most common materials used were wool, cotton, silk and jute. Braided rugs, that originated with Native Americans and were made with wool, silk, jute, cotton and hemp.  

3. Red Carpets have a life outside of Hollywood and have been around for a seriously long time. They were used in rituals and for leaders dating back hundreds and hundreds of years.  

4. The price of a rug or carpet is determined by its knot count (like thread count) and design, the more intricate the higher the price and materials used. Silk is the most expensive material used for rugs and carpets.  

5. The American carpet industry began in the late 1700’s in Pennsylvania, where they made woven wool rugs using hand looms. The industry later boomed with the invention of the power loom in the 1830’s.  

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