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3 Reasons Your Dog Pees Inside

TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2019


Do you have a puppy or a geriatric dog? We know that puppies will have accidents and that they are still learning, but older dogs can have trouble remembering too. Incontinence can also be an issue with older dogs as well. If the accident occurs while your dog is sleeping or occasionally drips urine, incontinence is most like the cause. Be patient with your furry friend and give them plenty of chances to go outside.

Submission and fear.

This kind of peeing can happen to shy or fearful dogs or ones that have been mistreated. It can happen when the dog is being greeted, scolded or surprised. Loud noises like thunder, fireworks or alarms can trigger an accident as well. Training your dog and altering your body language and approach to your pet can help reduce this response!


If the urination occurs during play or when your dog is excited, then this is probably the issue. Excitement peeing typically happens with puppies and they usually outgrow it but it can persist into adulthood if it’s not handled properly. Playing with your dog outdoors and rewarding them often for peeing outside can help, as well as keeping a calm demeanor around your pet when greeting them.

No matter the reason for your pet’s accidents, it’s always best to thoroughly clean it up to prevent your pets from re-soiling the area. With Chem-Dry Action's Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.) we use a black light to find every stain and then eliminate them all. Your home will be odor and stain free!