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3 Quick Tricks for Better Smelling, Brighter Carpets


1. Salt 

For brighter carpets sprinkle salt on your carpets and leave for 10 minutes. Vacuum it up until the salt is gone and voila! You should have brighter carpets. Salt can also be used to absorb moisture in carpets but be careful not to leave it for too long, so it doesn’t dissolve.  Salt is also a natural way to kill fleas if they are infesting your carpet. You want to use finely ground salt, sprinkle it on your carpets and rake in. Leave for 12 – 48 hours (depending on humidity and heat, leave for less time the more humid it is) and vacuum up thoroughly.  

2. Baking Soda 

For better smelling carpets you can make your own carpet deodorizer using baking soda and your favorite essential oil! Mix one cup of baking soda with about 18 to 20 drops of your essential oil of choice (We love Lemongrass for its fresh scent and it's a natural bug deterrent!)  and let that sit for about a day. Then like the salt, sprinkle evenly over your carpet and let sit for at least 10 minutes. For smellier carpets you can leave the baking soda up to 24 hours. Vacuum up the baking soda thoroughly, this might take a couple times over.  

3. Chem-Dry Action

Call Chem-Dry Action! We have all the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently clean your carpets. Our method will have your carpets looking brighter, smelling better AND cleaner! We can even remove stubborn stains or disgusting pet urine stains. Our process uses carbonation to clean deeper, while using a fraction of the water traditionally used, meaning you’ll be back on your carpet in the blink of an eye!