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Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for this year?

Featured Image Thank you for your kind words and loyal support. Returning customers like you give us the opportunity to keep doing what we enjoy here in Little Rock AR....


What does soda have to do with your carpet?

Featured Image Ahhh, the fresh sip of carbonated soda. The fizz and bubble- there’s no drink quite the same as a fresh soda. So besides the fact that at Chem-Dry we love both soda and carpet, what else do the two things have in common?...


Ways to maximize your time at home while your kids are in school

Featured Image Take advantage of the time while your kids are away at school!...


How To Make Your Living Room Look Bigger in Little Rock AR

Featured Image 1. Mirror, mirror, on the wall We aren’t talking ___ throwback with a room of mirrors. Instead, try a tasteful large mirror above the sofa or fireplace. The reflection will give the illusion of an extended wall and a larger room....


3 Reasons Your Dog Pees Inside

Featured Image No matter the reason for your pet’s accidents, it’s always best to thoroughly clean it up to prevent your pets from re-soiling the area....


5 Surprising Facts About Carpets

Featured Image Carpets and rugs have been around for a long time, meaning they have a long and interesting history! Here are 5 surprising facts you might not have known about carpets!...


Quick Tricks for Better Smelling, Brighter Carpets

Featured Image 2. For better smelling carpets you can make your own carpet deodorizer using baking soda and your favorite essential oil!...